Nowadays, railway stations can act as a barrier between different parts of the city. We have identified opportunities to remove these barriers and connect travellers and inhabitants of various age groups and cultures, as well as connecting both people and nature. Station areas can become a new focal point in the heart of the city – a place to live, work, have fun and spend leisure time. With space in the inner city scarce, and its inhabitants needing greener space rather than even more crowded blocks, the connective power of stations and their potential for more (public) space within the city centres could drastically reduce a number of societal challenges. Including; housing shortages and breaking down the perception that railway stations and surrounding areas are unsafe. Institutional investors are interested in this shift of station utilisation, as they offer a combination of societal functions with commercial estate (for shopping, sports and leisure) and living. This is an opportunity for them to improve their financial performance as well as their “impact investing” returns.