Station areas

Potential for connecting communities through optimising railway station areas

Before discussing the opportunities of how to fully use the space above railway stations, we investigated how much room is available. The results were amazing. The grounds of the railway stations are highly valuable due to their central locations.

Hundreds of thousands m2 of unused areal above the railway station

The areal above the railway station offers excellent opportunities for both efficient space utilisation and community connectivity. Building above the station for homes (e.g. apartments -3-) opens up space for community areas, connecting both neighbourhoods and its surroundings. The figure below details the number of extra homes that could be built. In the proceeding chapters further opportunities are outlined


This raises the question of who owns the air above the railway. In New York City (NYC), air rights have been defined for skyscrapers. Since 1961, in order to build skyscrapers, air rights need to be collected from the proper neighbourhood. Since then, selling air has become very lucrative in NYC. The rule is: once it’s sold, it remains sold. See also